Hi, I'm Liz. I'm a UI/UX developer with experience across the web design and development process. Through my various roles, I have cultivated a unique blend of skills that allow me to see projects from the perspectives of both customer and developer.

I am seeking a team dedicated to building innovative and intuitive experiences on the web. Have a look around, and if you think I would be a great fit for your organisation, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

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UI/UX design
AS3 & Flash

After studying a combination of computer science, digital art, and business, I have worked on various projects in the role of UI/UX, front-end, and server-side developer. This has given me a well-rounded view of the path websites and applications take to get from idea to product.

I build experiences based on a strong understanding of the technical limits and virtually limitless freedoms of the web, viewing my work from the perspective of a creative eye and user-focused mind.

Core Strengths

UI/UX Development

User interface and experience design fascinates me. I enjoy the challenge of creating engaging products that are beautiful and intuitive at any size.

Key projects:

  • Smartphone, tablet, and responsive web applications for online shopping at New World supermarkets: I acted as a liaison between the designers and developers, ensuring that the customer journey followed the correct path and screens met stakeholder specifications.
  • Simple Build Group: created the wireframes and sitemap for a productivity and task management website for home builders, their clients, and their contractors. Each of these three personas had different requirements and contextual knowledge to accommodate.
  • Nokia: designed and developed features for browser-based map software. I met with users to discuss their needs and gather information about things that could be improved, and designed and presented my ideas to stakeholders.


  • Wireframesketcher
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • User Testing Methodologies
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Front-End Development

As a front-end developer, I am passionate about building beautiful responsive pages using clear and concise code.

My highest priorities are ensuring that my work is understandable by my fellow developers, accessible for users with disabilities, and optimised for web crawlers. I am familiar with several extensions for web languages and their features, and have a solid understanding of both accessibility and SEO best practices.

Key projects:

  • MYOB Gift of Time Competition page: developed a responsive microsite consisting of a lightboxed video, a winners gallery, and an entry form. Each section utilised custom animations written in jQuery and CSS.
  • MYOB Time Saving Centre: customised a WordPress theme and multiple plugins with JavaScript and PHP.
  • Conversant: customised alignment and applied animations to multiple sizes of advertisements, translating static frames into animations using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and a proprietary framework.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP


  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Less/SASS
  • WordPress
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites
  • GreenSock Animation Platform


In addition to my daily responsibilities, I have often held leadership roles at work.

Key roles:

  • At KeyLimeTie, I helped host a two-day hackathon at the American Automobile Association. I presentated on the importance of usability and how to create wireframes, then helped teams develop their submissions throughout the competition.
  • At Conversant, part of my role was communicating my team's needs to others in order to improve the structure of the development process. As part of a 3-person Quality Assurance team, I helped implement a new tagging process in JIRA for the entire production group.
  • At Nokia, I acted as a UI/UX consultant for other teams in my department when they wanted to implement new features. I also won several company competitions to build better products.

Leader in Agile

I was Scrum Master on my team at Nokia, where we followed Agile strictly. I conducted daily standups, coordinated with stakeholders, led retrospective and sprint planning meetings after every sprint, performed backlog maintenance in JIRA, and attended on-going training for my role. Many other teams I have been a part of have also followed the Agile framework to varying degrees, providing me with a strong background in the methodology.

Additional Skills

Server-Side Development

Through my university studies and some of the work I did at Nokia, I gained experience with server-side development. I am familiar with many of the development tools and proficient in some languages.

These skills are beneficial to me because they help me communicate with developers about how an application's data is structured. This makes projects more efficient, and also fosters open channels of communication between teams within the organisation.


  • Java
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Google Web Toolkit


  • Command-Line Interfaces
  • SSH clients (PuTTY)
  • IDEs (Eclipse, Wing)


My past employers and target audiences have been highly diverse, helping me develop skills to work well in many settings and impressing upon me the importance of a strong foundation of user research. I have been on teams at companies that range in their annual revenue from holding not-for-profit status to holding a place on the Fortune Global 500 list, and ranging in number of employees from thirty in a single office to over sixty thousand people working worldwide.

My teams' roles within these companies' varied from in-house development, software-as-a-service development, and agency work. They have also varied in size from myself working alone to over fifteen, with most less than ten. I like that there is a greater opportunity for collaboration offered by large teams, but I also find the autonomy one has when working with a smaller group creatively stimulating.